Recovery Checklist—If you or your company owes employment taxes for payroll deposits (forms 940 and 941) or if you are in charge of payroll at your company, call us immediately, 513.318.2345

Simply review the questions and information below, make some notes, and contact us.

Step #1

What type of taxes do you owe? Personal, corporate, estate or excise?

Step #2

Do you have any unfiled returns? (If you fail to file a return the IRS only assumes the worst.

Step #3

What are your financial goals? Most tax firms assume that your only concern is the IRS. We know life is more complicated than that. We'll work with you to find a tax solution that works for you.

Step #4

Do you think you overpaid your taxes? You have a limited amount of time in which to file a claim for a credit or refund. List the year(s) and the tax considerations that might apply.

Step #5

Are you totally confused and overwhelmed? Even if you dont know what the IRS wants, we'll help you figure out what your tax problem is, and then we'll discuss your best options. Jot down what you do know about your current tax problems.

Step #6

Take action! Call or email us for a free consultation with one of our tax specialists. 513.318.2345

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